We make bottles

With innovative and outstanding design, we give our customers the decisive competitive edge in a closely contested market.

We make bottles

We develop and produce your PET bottles and their preforms. We offer our customers individual and comprehensive support of design development and mold construction, all the way from the start until the full-scale production.


We use state-of-the-art measuring and analysis techniques to ensure that our PET bottles and PET containers are subject to permanent control.

News & current events

Now available: PET-Aerosol

In the past weeks and months we made a great progress at the development of PET aerosol. A combination of new material and optimized geometry..

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New product: Keulenflasche

Our newest product, the Keulenflasche comes in three different sizes. With 500ml to 1000ml we developed the best solution for any kind of use. The modern, ergono...

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