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With innovative and outstandingly designed packaging solutions
we give our customers the decisive competitive edge
in a closely contested market.


Find PET bottle & request directly online

Would you like to find the right PET packaging for your product? Use our EPRO-BOTTLE FINDER and quickly and clearly find exactly the PET bottle that will make your product stand out at the POS. 

It's easy to turn a PET bottle into your individual packaging.

About us

EPROPLAST - We are your specialist for the development and production of innovative PET bottles and their preforms. Thanks to our in-house preform production, we can guarantee you a consistently high quality of all packaging solutions.

We make bottles

We offer our customers individual and comprehensive support from design development and mold making to initial and series production. Let us convince you of our one-stop shopping service.

recycled PET

Why do we choose rPET? Sustainable PET plays a crucial role in reducing our ecological footprint. It enables us to conserve valuable resources and close the cycle of plastics production. 

EPROPLAST bietet Ihnen eine breite Palette von PET-Flaschen mit einem Rezyklat-Anteil von 30 %, 50 % oder sogar 100 % an.


PET packaging impresses with brilliance & transparency

High transparency and brilliant surfaces give PET packaging an exceptionally elegant look. New labeling solutions with labels printed on both sides give your product the attention it needs at the POS.

Our flexible production process allows an almost unlimited variety of designs. In particular, EPROPLAST's machine and tool concept allows for individual mold design with minimal tool costs.

Your advantage - PET packaging is particularly light

Up to 90% weight saving compared to glass! This not only makes transportation more economical, but also more environmentally friendly. After all, all our developments are based on the design for recycling approach.

Due to the better mechanical properties, weight savings are also achieved compared to PE or PP bottles. In contrast with extrusion blow moulding, no material is wasted during the PET-production process.

Safety as an outstanding property of plastic

PET bottles are virtually unbreakable due to their excellent material properties. This means that no breakage occurs during filling, transportation or use. As a result, PET saves resources in the long term.

Even if damaged, there are no splintered parts that can cause injury. PET provides the optimum protection for all consumers.

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EFRE 2016 EEB 0006 - 068
Energy efficiency and demonstration projects in SMEs and accompanying measures, end of project 31.08.2016

EFRE 2016 EEI 0272 - 068
Energy efficiency and demonstration projects in SMEs and accompanying measures, end of project 31.10.2017

EFRE 2020 EEB 0118 - 068
Energy efficiency and demonstration projects in SMEs and accompanying measures, end of project 31.03.2021

GRW funding 01.04.2016 until 31.07.2019
Capacity expansion hall 5 incl. machines, plants and silo

GRW funding 01.08.2020 until 31.07.2023 Capacity expansion hall 6 incl. machines and equipment for the production of preforms and bottles

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